Product Sketches

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Cook me Feedback

To have a better food experience with your cook, you have to constantly tell him about your likes and dislikes. Sometimes he/she might cook you a fantastic dinner (something new) and never know if you liked.

Whatsapp is good for chatting but not remembering, also your food habits are not structured and easily accessible within whatsapp and other note taking platforms. Also, privacy.

This app will give food recommendations and feedback to cook considering small repetitive things so that they know what works, and what doesn’t.

Also you can track all ingredients you have (lets say you have no onion), and then ask the app to come up with the best choice for you with those ingredients. Even order unavailable items online and plan food for the week.

Location Alarm/Alert (Localert 🤔)

Every time I am traveling and I am close to reaching my destination, I have to constantly look at maps to check if I am there yet. This happens mostly in long distance bus or train travel. And if I am taking an overnight journey, this is bound to disrupt my sleep.

Alarms are alerting devices which work in relation with time. We need location wise alert system when we are traveling. With this app, we can configure the alarm to ring when we reach/approach our configured place (on a specific day or can be repetitive).

This can be configured using IFTTT also.

History Cheat Sheet

This app tells “Stories of major incidents of the world, in chronological order”. Every incident has a timeline, and timeline always helps to shape up the story. So, here every story will have a timeline of events (and detail in brief) which will explain us important checkpoints of the story. Clicking on any of these events will open the story of that event, which will again have a timeline of events corresponding to this event. Events inside Events. This will helps us imagine and understand the occurrence of the incident clearly.

Story of “9/11”. The app will show us all the events, structured in a timeline, that will unfold the situation.

Good recommendation engine is a plus, like when reading about “9/11” a good recommendation is “The hunt of Osama”.

Stalk me

Stalk me is an application which will show all the social updates of the influencer at a single place.

Heimdall for Permissions

This app provides scheduled access/permissions to apps.

After an app receives a permission, the app’s activity goes unchecked. We never know if the app is abusing the permission. We can use this app to schedule permissions of other apps according to location or time. Apps will get “permission denied” error if they will try to access permission outside of their defined configuration.

Revoke internet permission from office notification apps when out of office or office hours.