Krishna chareoteering Arjuna

'Bhagavad Gita' - Book Notes

Translation by Winthrop Sargeant Captures happiness and unhappiness are the same, is ready for immortality. if you will not undertake this righteous war, thereupon, having avoided your own duty and glory, you shall incur evil. Holding pleasure and pain to be alike, likewise gain and loss, victory and defeat then engage in battle! Thus you shall not incur evil. be free from those three qualities, Arjuna, indifferent towards the pairs of opposites, eternally fixed in truth, free from thoughts of acquisition and comfort, and possessed of the Self....

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'Acko on AIR - Subrata Mitra, Abhinav Chaturvedi (Accel Partners)' with Varun

​ Talk: Acko on AIR - Subrata, Abhinav (Accel Partners, Acko’s first investors) - at Acko townhall Notes: Anecdote by Abhinav - Sachin Bansal (his then colleague at Amazon) fixed code in amazon payment for which the team was struggling (system was crashing completely when running a test suite cos of which they were unable to launch) Flipkart initial investment by Subrata - 3.5 cr for 25% - everytime they would come they talk about something they fixed (everyday) - committed to the cause When looking for investment - references from networks matter (Accel will ask Varun for Acko’s employee) Why most startups fail get to some scale as quickly as possible (zero to one) not having sharp focus (anti of why win - having a sharp focus) team dynamics don’t workout, going out in different directions Advice to youngsters Abhinav, Subrata - work with really good people, it compounds (good mentor) Subrata - really enjoy working whatever you do Varun - stay with a team for long time (5yrs or so it takes to crack a market) - everything compounds - your skills, your market value, your networks (you don’t restart everytime) One trait which Abhinav looks for in early founders - mentally and physically fit - it is tough to maintain Acko vision - 10Bn dollar (by 2030), in market that compounds Make companies in bust (startup bubble, less distractions), they will come out on top (strong) when the market is out of bust, market cycle again starts (happened multiple times in past - 9/11, 2008 etc)

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Are you joking me?

​ With the advent of Internet, the meme culture and standup comedy culture has blasted in the last few years. Internet has not only enabled the reach via social networks, People could try out different material not only cheaply but also with the ease of a click. The showoff of facebook check-ins and instagram stories have acted as catalyst in the expansion of the gig culture. Gags I found funny (likeness is subjective):...

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