Product Ideas

Community Radio - Listen with me

A radio where the host can play songs from spotify and everyone can join and listen to the songs and react in real time.

Timeless Party and Reactions - watch with me

You watch videos and you want to share with your closed ones, and watch with them. If you can store the reaction video sec by sec and plan watching with the reaction video.

Music Picker

Picks or generates a Spotify playlist for you

  • I tell which artists I want to listen and it curates a playlist of best songs by each of them


This is an idea for a utility application for avid book readers, favoring the mobile platform.

Often times in a library when we are searching for a book, we have to scan and go through each and every book’s title or author. This exercise is tough and draining. The pain goes multifold when you are looking for multiple books or authors. Now imagine you have an app that scans and reads every book names, while you hold the mobile camera and stroll in the library, and the app flickers the screen to alert you that it found one of the books you were looking for. This is Pick-a-Book.

This app will:

  • ask for the books and authors name you are looking for, and store this in search_list
  • scan and read the text pointed by your camera (OCR)
  • match the text generated with any of the values in previously-stored search_list
  • flicker the screen if a match is found

Advanced Features:

  • Filtering: Filter out books with a GoodReads rating of less than 4.0. Data can be fetched via GoodReads API while app is scanning the book name.
  • While scanning the books, you can geo-tag the precise location of the book and later you will have a list of books and their location in the library. You can sort these books by any means like rating and pick a book maybe.

Cook me Feedback

To have a better food experience with your cook, you have to constantly tell him about your likes and dislikes. Sometimes he/she might cook you a fantastic dinner (something new) and never know if you liked.

Whatsapp is good for chatting but not remembering, also your food habits are not structured and easily accessible within WhatsApp and other note-taking platforms. Also, privacy.

This app will give food recommendations and feedback to cook considering small repetitive things so that they know what works, and what doesn’t.

Also, you can track all ingredients you have (let’s say you have no onion), and then ask the app to come up with the best choice for you with those ingredients. Even order unavailable items online and plan food for the week.

Location Alarm/Alert (Localert 🤔)

Every time I am traveling and I am close to reaching my destination, I have to constantly look at maps to check if I am there yet. This happens mostly in long-distance bus or train travel. And if I am taking an overnight journey, this is bound to disrupt my sleep.

Alarms are alerting devices that work in relation to time. We need a location wise alert system when we are traveling. With this app, we can configure the alarm to ring when we reach/approach our configured place (on a specific day or can be repetitive).

This can be configured using IFTTT also.

History Cheat Sheet

This app tells “Stories of major incidents of the world, in chronological order”. Every incident has a timeline, and the timeline always helps to shape up the story. So, here every story will have a timeline of events (and detail in brief) which will explain to us important checkpoints of the story. Clicking on any of these events will open the story of that event, which will again have a timeline of events corresponding to this event. Events inside Events. This will helps us imagine and understand the occurrence of the incident clearly.

Story of “9/11”. The app will show us all the events, structured in a timeline, that will unfold the situation in chronological order.

A good recommendation engine is a plus, like when reading about “9/11” a good recommendation is “The hunt of Osama”.

Stalk me

Stalk me is an application that will show all the social updates of the influencer at a single place.

Heimdall for Permissions

This app provides scheduled access/permissions to apps.

After an app receives permission, the app’s activity goes unchecked. We never know if the app is abusing the permission. We can use this app to schedule permissions of other apps according to location or time. Apps will get a “permission denied” error if they will try to access permission outside of their defined configuration.

Revoke internet permission from office notification apps when out of the office or office hours.

Media Notes

Audio Notes but with 15 secs limit, could be even video. Video/Audio carries the essence of your thought/opinion, enables to project your idea in a better shape. Shouldn’t be more than 15 secs because nobody cares/watches, with text we can skip, glance the whole text.

Why 15 secs? Short attention span. With text we can skip a lot, glance the whole text.

You can capture long videos as well but they will remain in draft, publishing limit will be 15 secs. Draft can die after 15 days, this will trigger the user to use/summarize the clip.

Also future messages, TODOs, learnings: can all be of this form.


  • Chain Reaction
    Can be or
    Connect via bluetooth or on LAN
  • Don’t sleep for more than 8 hours, connect Fitbit with alexa or hue. Ring alarm or blink lights.
  • Scan you profile to understand your travel and living history, and then suggest you information about places you are going to visit or have already visited, like about Mumtaz Mahal in Burhanpur.
  • Beardify Me
    Rust WASM project for trying different beard looks on your face in realtime 3D
  • Upload bills to the app and the app will scan all items and the shop details, then it will create a digital transaction of yours so that in future you can cross check products, analyse, refer and do everything on that data.
  • Drop a pin
    Save locations, share. Save images, notes by visit dates. For example, if you have visited twice, it will show both the visits with the images you have added.
  • Machine learning: Categorise posters of film into genres, train the model, and then run the model to find if a random poster tells the movie theme correctly. To be improved.
  • Machine learning: Feed the model with the cat voices and their actions (want food or sad).
  • Analyze the git repository, which files get updated most, what is the frequency of updates you get, when you get most updates, when are developers most active. Same could be done for messaging channels like Twist, Slack.
  • postthewall
    People can post things on your wall and old post go away in box and box has limited capacity, or you can box up by purchasing premium membership and box all your relatable memories Everybody has a wall and I can post things on anyone’s wall. Its similar like facebook (in terms of wall), but its not a conventional social network (as in not very transactional in nature). Its like having a real wall, where you showcase your top lists of songs/movies etc., cutomize by what your top songs this week. Posts wear off daily (this can be shown by ui), and by week it all drops, you can stick it back, which again goes for a week, unless you stick it permanently.
  • Merchandise sass for small players like example small youtubers, gamers, companies, friends. I am sure this would have been there, i remember jockey brand tshirts in practo hackathon.
  • deconstructideas
    more like farnamstreet plus pages on people like sattvik mishra or kunal shah, and their appearances on videos, podcasts, tweets, basically a google like search of that person that will give all intellectual content you are looking about that person, this will include companies, theories, etc (basically tags)
  • discovermusic
    same with music, you will always discover new music. And if you don’t like it, skip it, and we will know what to skip for you. Every music will have some tags, we will discover what hashes work for you, also you can specify your mood, which will in turn initialise what to skip. Basically a recommendation engine. Spotify does this beautifully.
  • myaddress
    Digitalising your home address. Currently all mails, bank documents, electricity bills, all are posted to your address, which is why address and address proof is needed, instead we can digitise this, and then all documents can flow to this account which could be accessible by all house members. Gov. has to adopt this for this to be successful. Lot similar products are coming up in Africa.
  • startupshup
    Startup Updates and Gossip news
  • Camera Scheduler
    An app which schedules camera to start recording or click pictures at certain time. Helpful for vloggers (Eg: morning wake up shot)
  • tools-i-use
    interactive, maybe 3d, way to show tools i use, like show desktop 3d view and user can select and see parts