• 2024-01-28

    • People mirror you, if you put out strong opinions, they do too.
      • Does this happen when people admire you? they mirror you? To some extent, yes. They may seek to validate themselves in your eyes, thus emulating your actions.
  • ~2024

    • Dating on apps is like doing crowdwork, asking what you do, why is a horse in your photo etc.
  • 2023-11-23

    • Whitewash Image - PR masterstroke - Start the anti-bullying campaign to cover up being the bully in the past. As a result, if you google “ bully” numerous articles of anti-bullying campaign shall popup.
  • 2023-03-31

    • Attractive people sell better, hence in movies/tv-series better looking folks are preferred over better actors.
  • ~2023

    • I come from the India where A Hindu has to prove his secularism and a Musim has to prove his nationalism constantly.

    • Court sessions are based on proofs and laws (not logic), movies are based on invoking emotions (not logic) - logic is only a tool

    • Her looks catch my attention, her personality is what gets me to stay

  • 2022-10-22

    • “Save for Later” - Are we becoming collective procrastinators?
      Save this article for later -> Pockets, One-tab, Reddit-save, Twitter-Bookmark, all these apps/features are building procrastination in us. How many of us go back to that saved thread or article?
  • ~2022

    • Drug - You are never content, no matter how many times, no matter how high. It’s en endless chase in the most literal sense of the term.

    • Pop culture is mostly an event-driven system, recently The Social Dilemma was so huge and now it is completely gone. Avoid things that come in pop culture. They dont stay, dont invest in it. Its okay to not be part of the pop group.

    • Art - Art na lage woh bhut high quality art hai, jo script script na dikhe woh bhut achii script hai

    • Most of the youtubers are wannabes, trying to become cool (previously tiktokers), they are just supplying cringe

    • Sounding profound has become a gimmick these days. everyone wants to build a community, its good you want to grow but please practice before you preach

    • Having a normal routine life is tough. There are so many hurdles, you are constantly trying to not fall down by these hurdles. It is so tough and rewarding at the same time.

  • timeline ~ NA

    • Indian traffic behaves how sediments behave in the water, gravitationally pulled towards the signal.

    • Special moments of our lives can be described, but can’t be felt by others. Bonding happens when you share these “together moments”, it is about the feeling which is shared. You don’t cherish the relation but these special moments of togetherness. A great way, to start a friendship with someone, is to do something together.

    • We see our photos differently, with the emotions, with the memories, they hold. These photos could be Instagram-my or crappy but are beautiful in our heads. People see the image but we see a complete world, the world we lived in. It is a snapshot of our world, of our memories.

    • No matter how flawed your workplace be or how much vengeance/envy you hold against it, you always want it to be as successful as it can be, even if you don’t hold any profit/shares in it why? it’s a non-zero sum-game, hold as many medals as you can on your resume

    • It’s not the future you are afraid of, it’s the fear of the past repeating itself that haunts you

    • Often times we over-value the noun and under-value the verb. The deed is important, not the doer.

    • Gov. is a business/corporate, and ideally businesses’ job is to keep their customers happy.

    • Our world is built upon the idea of protecting/supporting the weak. Gov. provides basic healthcare, education to everyone. Of course, if you are self-sustainable, the sky is the limit. The same happens in Corporates, there are proper systems/channels to support the weak employee and to push him morally, emotionally, to enable him/her to contribute in better form. But there are no differential perks in the system for those who already do better, no growth channel for them, they are all ranked equally, one bucket for all who do good work.

    • [Amitu Discussion] Humans are the most trusting species (or that is how we have been conditioned?). We trust that the person, walking next to us, won’t kill us. We are conditioned to feel safe that way.

    • Reverse engineering: you want to be successful? what are the qualities of successful people, commonly known, which everyone agrees upon? know em, apply em. If you want to become XYZ, look at what XYZs are doing.

      Youtuber? See what other Youtubers are doing. Copying content is one shallow way, better to look at how they approach content. And most importantly keep doing it.

      Build following on Twitter? Look who you want to become, how do they create tweets. There are many such templates, one of them is to summarize your thoughts (or any good talk/movie/book/article/current affairs, etc) in a tweets’ thread. A good starting point.

      The idea behind this is simple: you see your goal. The dos are sometimes very simple, doing them is hard.

    • The first impression of any art (movie/painting/book/article) or art-form or perspective for that matter, is uncomfortable and sometimes disturbing, and we never see the intelligence behind the world which got created. We are rejectful of the idea because we can’t comprehend it. It takes time and more similar experiences to see the depth, understand, and appreciate the craft. Weak opinion.

      Example: I didn’t like a standup by a female comic (on youtube) when I heard it the first time, probably it was uncomfortable for me because the jokes were female centric. The next time I heard them, the jokes were hilarious.

    • Cats demand love, dogs earn it. Cheesy, huh.

    • #timeline knows more buttered truths, while #savedraft knows more bitter truths #twitter

    • Probably, a cliche. Life is a video game. You lose a game, you can reset and restart the level again. You win, there is another bigger monster waiting for you on the next level. You have to sharpen your blades to kill the monster, become better. Remember you always have the controller in your hands.

    • In Chess, what is the aim of any individual piece? Of course collectively to make sure your king survives and to kill the opponent’s king but what to do meanwhile? You play your pawns forward, their goal is to reach the opponent’s castle and loot it up to become queen/minister, and the goal of other pieces is to support the pawns in every possible way. The goal of the opponent’s pieces is to fight back and make sure their pawns are able to do the same. Now you know what to do meanwhile. Common Sense?

    • Sartaj is yet another employee of the system, but when we see life from his point of view he becomes the hero. Why. Because the world is a collection of all our realities. Jiski reality more strong hogi, uski reality is the winner. And reality banti hai depending on actions. In the world of “Sacred Games”, Sartaj holds a very strong reality.

    • Simplicity is the key. Simplicity should be the measure for everything. If it is simple it might be the best but if it is not simple, it is definitely not the best. Fanciness attracts but has low binding power.

    • One’s philosophy makes him/her different from others. But it gets noticed only if it works for him. Otherwise, what’s the point of all talk and no show? Money is a universal metric for grading statuses, ideologies.

    • Hero has the unspoken responsibility of pulling the weaker ones. The community develops not when the average becomes better, the average is a statistical concept, not the right measure in this context. Raise the upper bar, average shall change.

      • To become something, do what they do, take up their responsibility. How does a hero become hero, a wise becomes wise, when they do all those things. When life gives you such chances dont miss them.
    • We always assume there is a human sitting behind our computer screens, and whenever we are stuck with some issue, we can just escalate it to him/her and he/she will at least hear us. Now imagine there is no human (no customer care), none can understand what you want to speak, no feelings, no connect.

    • There is a 50% chance of a dragon appearing on your door. Either it is there or it is not, so 50%. That is what the probability of any startup becoming successful is, 50%. KISS.

    • Owning something means you are in ways attached to the object, and we inherently want to own things (really?). In work-life we own responsibilities and roles, and that attaches us to our work. The same goes for our views and opinions, we own them and in turn, we become attached to our opinions.

      It could also be the other way round, that we need attachments, we want to call something our own, could be family, home, work, even a social media profile.

    • Sacrifices in old rituals actually teach us to give up on our attachments.

    • The Paparazzi Culture: Everybody (almost?) wants the life of fame. Yes, we say “sharing is caring” but the term has already been exploited. Everybody wants to be popular, one with 100+ likes, one with 1000+ friends.

    • Authority should always be there on paper only. Freedom is all they ever want. To speak. To work. To play. To celebrate. To innovate. For startups and parents a piece of sane advice.

    • Our present version is always the best version compared with any of our previous versions (with respect to time, let’s say yesterday’s version of myself). Best versions but basis what? Basis Evolution. We always think that we used to be better in xyz field, but we don’t realise that we have evolved. And if we are alive, that evolution did work out for us.

    • Judge basis action, punish basis intention? - intention vs action

    • When do you have your own voice?

      One way is: when you start making your own processes, they will be inspired by others but your processes mean you have tweaked them for yourself. You know yourself.

    • Click-baits doesn’t generally work with search engines ?

    • Why do we get irritated? When we want to express our feelings/desires and we know that we can’t, maybe the other person won’t understand, and we suppress our thoughts and then they find other ways to move out of our system and we get irritated

    • Reading horoscopes and sunsigns feel good because they all give us validations. And we seek them.

    • When you are stable in life, rains feel like a delight
      When you are worried or trying to meet ends, rains feel like a barrier, a stoppage

    • Whenever someone asks you to speak in marathi, you almost always end it with “Jai Maharashtra”, does this happen with other languages as well?