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  • 12/02/2024

    • 5 most used architecture patterns
      • Layered architecture
        • Presentation Layer
        • Business Layer
        • Persistence Layer
        • Database Layer
      • Event Driven
        • CQRS
      • Microkernel * Plugins
      • Microservices
      • Monolithic Architecture
    • How to Crack Any System Design Interview
      • Purpose is to assess your ability to
        • Translate ana ambiguous problem statement into concrete technical requirements
        • Craft an architecture and design that satisfies those requirements
        • Articulate and defend your design decisions throughout the discussion
      • There is no correct solution, goal is to
        • demonstrate your technical expertise,
        • your approach to problem solving,
        • your sills to communicate effectively
      • Understand
        • Features
        • NFR - Non Functional Requirements
        • Scalability
        • Technical Constraints
        • Important Numbers
        • Use Cases
        • Scoping
    • Deployment Strategies
      • Big Bang Deployment
      • Rolling Deployment
      • Blue Green Deployment
      • Canary Deployment
      • Feature Flags Deployment
  • 11/02/2024

    • How Europe lost Hollywood
      • Germany used to be film capital in world
      • First commercial movie theatre opened in Paris 1895
      • France and Italy dominated early on
      • California has vast amount of different landscapes and perfect weather conditions (more sun, more lighting)
    • Tech Interview Handbook
  • 10/02/2024

  • 09/02/2024

    • what attracts men to women
      • Her looks catch my attention, her personality is what gets me to stay
      • Second to looks is femininity. Do you let a man be a man, take the lead and play his natural role. For me personally nothing turns me off faster than a masculine, loud, potty mouth woman. Actually there is one more thing…being really into materialistic shit. In the great words or Tyler Durden “the things you own end up owning you”.
    • Automate boring parts of your job using robotic process automation (RPA)
    • Men Clothing Brand - XY XX
    • Secrets of successful relationship
      1. Pick someone you feel profoundly grateful ever decided to look your way. Start from a sense that you are the lucky one, and they are superior, truth is irrelevant.
      2. Make sure you fancy them intimately.
      3. Allow yourselves both to admit from an early stage that you are ‘mad’, heavily distorted by your past, unable to understand yourseleves.
      4. Make apology the most regular of occurrences.
      5. Remove all pride from your character.
      6. Regularly explore how you have disappointed one another. Let them sometimes hate you, and you them.
      7. Never describe them categorically as this or that. (i.e. “I feel like you’re being unfair”, not “You’re being unfair”)
      8. Get good at sensing the fear beneath your angry moods, then express the fear gently rather than acting out the anger.
      9. Reduce expectations of perfection.
      10. Accept you will have crushes on others.
      11. If there are children, recognize that love will suffer hugely.
      12. Become the sort of person who has no embarrassment about being ‘needy’.
      13. Read up about attachment theory.
      14. Stop being defensive.
      15. Accept that they can’t save you from your own disturbances.
      16. Don’t expect everything from love.
      17. Be very prepared (though reluctant) to leave.
  • 06/02/2024

    • Become a more interesting person
      1. There is a large variance in how much we feel we have to say about ourselves depending on who we are talking to. Some people make us feel boring, while others draw out our stories and observations.
      2. This happens because our unconscious minds are continuously evaluating how much the other person understands, appreciates, and can accept about what we are saying. Based on this, we conclude how much of ourselves we can safely reveal.
      3. People who make us feel we have a lot to say open many rooms in their own minds. They have explored complex, sad, dark, or potentially shameful parts of themselves. By being at ease with these things internally, they signal they will be at ease hearing about those things from others as well.
      4. We can become more interesting to others by traveling widely within our own psyches, opening doors to parts of ourselves we usually keep hidden. This shows others we will be a safe, receptive audience for their observations and stories too.
      5. By saying a lot to ourselves internally, we ready ourselves to have much to say in conversation with others. Self-examination builds capacity for intimacy.
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  • 20/01/2024

  • 14/01/2024

    • Making conversation exciting
      • The false completion technique
      • Accept bids for connection (double downs on the joke + laugh)
      • Add touch during conversational highpoints
      • Friendly teasing (Use teases that are obviously not true, tease yourself too)
      • Act out your characters (While telling a story)
      • Pause when you hear laughter (When telling a story)
      • Take a 3 second punchline joke (When telling a story)
      • Have a go to story to tell everyone
    • Paradox fo being nice
  • 12/01/2024

  • 06/01/2024

    • Husn by Anuv Jain - lyrics breakdown
      • what a song
    • fan vs bhakt - fan culture
    • not harmful to pop knuckles but the position when popping knuckles is harmful
    • blr metros
    • Naval on the knowledge project
      • If you’re like me, you’re probably afraid of commitment for fear of losing your freedom. The freedom of doing anything, of going anywhere, of being with anyone.

        In one simple sentence he changed everything I thought I knew. Here’s the quote:

        I would say that the biggest such change was when I was younger, I really, really valued freedom. Freedom was one of my core, core values. Ironically, it still is. It’s probably one of my top three values, but it’s a different definition of freedom. My old definition was freedom to, freedom to do anything I want. Freedom to do whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like. Now I would say that the freedom that I’m looking for is internal freedom. It’s freedom from. It’s freedom from reaction. It’s freedom from feeling angry. It’s freedom from being sad. It’s freedom from being forced to do things. I’m looking for freedom from internally and externally, whereas before I was looking for freedom to.

  • 02/01/2024