Camping in snow capped Himalayas in Uttarakhand

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    • Percentages are reversible, so 6% of 50 is equal to 50% of 6; which is much easier to calculate.


      • Inspiration
    • Best research video on 26/11 - Mumbai Attack

    • Why do some trucks don’t touch the ground

    • Insight on Indian Tech Salaries

    • 100 reasons to stay alive:

      1. to make your parents proud
      2. to conquer your fears
      3. to see your family again
      4. to see your Favourite artist live
      5. to listen to music again
      6. to experience a new culture
      7. to make new friends
      8. to inspire
      9. to have your own children
      10. to adopt your own pet
      11. to make yourself proud
      12. to meet your idols
      13. to laugh until you cry
      14. to feel tears of happiness
      15. to eat your favourite food
      16. to see your siblings grow
      17. to pass school
      18. to get tattoo
      19. to smile until your cheeks hurt
      20. to meet your internet friends
      21. to find someone who loves you like you deserve
      22. to eat ice cream on a hot day
      23. to drink hot chocolate on a cold day
      24. to see untouched snow in the morning
      25. to see a sunset that sets the sky on fire
      26. to see stars light up the sky
      27. to read a book that changes your life
      28. to see the flowers in the spring
      29. to see the leaves change from green to brown
      30. to travel abroad
      31. to learn a new language
      32. to learn to draw
      33. to tell others your story in the hopes of helping them
      34. Puppy kisses.
      35. Baby kisses (the open mouthed kind when they smack their lips on your cheek).
      36. Swear words and the release you feel when you say them.
      37. Trampolines.
      38. Ice cream.
      39. Stargazing.
      40. Cloud watching.
      41. Taking a shower and then sleeping in clean sheets.
      42. Receiving thoughtful gifts.
      43. “I saw this and thought of you."
      44. The feeling you get when someone you love says, “I love you."
      45. The relief you feel after crying.
      46. Sunshine.
      47. The feeling you get when someone is listening to you/giving you their full attention.
      48. Your future wedding.
      49. Your favourite candy bar.
      50. New clothes.
      51. Witty puns.
      52. Really good bread.
      53. Holding your child in your arms for the first time.
      54. Completing a milestone (aka going to college, graduating college, getting married, getting your dream job.)
      55. The kind of dreams where you wake up and can’t stop smiling.
      56. The smell before and after it rains
      57. The sound of rain against a rooftop.
      58. The feeling you get when you’re dancing.
      59. The person (or people) that mean the most to you. Stay alive for them.
      60. Trying out new recipes.
      61. The feeling you get when your favourite song comes on the radio.
      62. The rush you get when you step onto a stage.
      63. You have to share your voice and talents and knowledge with the world because they are so valuable.
      64. Breakfast in bed.
      65. Getting a middle seat in the movie theatre.
      66. Breakfast for dinner (because it’s so much better at night than in the morning).
      67. Pray (if you are religious)
      68. Forgiveness.
      69. Water balloon fights.
      70. New books by your favourite authors.
      71. Fireflies.
      72. Birthdays.
      73. Realising that someone loves you.
      74. Spending the day with someone like you.
      75. Opportunity to create meaningful and lasting relationships.
      76. Potential to learn, grow, and evolve as a person.
      77. Joy and happiness in the little things.
      78. The power to inspire others.
      79. The ability to create art, music, and other forms of self-expression.
      80. To explore different cultures, traditions, and ways of life.
      81. To make a positive impact on the environment and help protect the planet.
      82. Experience the joys of parenthood and raise a family.
      83. Learn new things and develop new skills.
      84. Create a legacy that will outlive you.
      85. Being wrapped up in a warm bed.
      86. Cuddles
      87. Holding hands.
      88. The kind of hugs when you can feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders. The kind of hug where your breath syncs with the other person’s, and you feel like the only two people in the world.
      89. Singing off key with your best friends.
      90. Road trips.
      91. Spontaneous adventures.
      92. The feeling of sand beneath your toes.
      93. The feeling when the first ocean wave rolls up and envelops your toes and ankles and knees.
      94. Thunderstorms.
      95. Your first (or hundredth) trip to Disneyland.
      96. The taste of your favorite food.
      97. The child-like feeling you get on Christmas morning.
      98. The day when everything finally goes your way.
      99. Compliments and praise.
      100. to look on this moment in 10 years time and realize you did it.

      Ps : Never forget you are a beautiful person 💕 Life is so beautiful so live, live like no one else exist, live for yourself, don’t care of bad people, you are strong, i love you 🫶🏼.

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    • Abrahamic Religions
      • Prophets
        • Abraham
        • Jesus
          • Christians view Jesus as the saviour and regard him as son of God
          • Muslims see Isa (Arabic) as a Prophet of Islam and Messiah
          • Jesus and his followers were Jews
      • Common aspects
        • Monotheism
          • worshiping an exclusive God, although one who is known by different names
          • preaches that God creates, is one, rules, reveals, loves, judges, punishes, and forgives
        • Scriptures
          • believe that God guides humanity through revelation to prophets, and each religion believes that God revealed teachings to prophets, including those prophets whose lives are documented in its own scripture
        • Importance of Jerusalem
        • Significance of Abraham
      • Religions
        • Judaism
        • Christianity
          • follow life and teachings of Jesus, called Christians - followers of Christ
          • believe that Jesus is the Son of God, whose coming as the Messiah was prophesied in the Hebrew Bible (called the Old Testament in Christianity)
          • Hebrew Bible (Bible or Tanakh of the Jews) is considered as the Old Testament
        • Islam
          • Muslims are considered to be descendants of Ishmael, son of Abraham
          • Islam means submission
          • Story of Muhammad
      • Idolatry
    • Credit Card - deinfluencing
    • Friends Paradox
      • Being popular is a bit lonely in itself.
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    • Vishal Bhardwaj - Samdish interview
      • On a spiritual level, Khajuraho temple has naked sculputres all around its temple and nothing inside - this tells us to go within, to find yourself.
      • People have psychology that when they praise someone, they want that person to fail the next time, to call him/her one time wonder and humanise him/her.
    • Youtubers delete their comments (ok, yeah known thing). People often forget while browsing and check top few comments and get influenced by other’s opinions, so youtubers make sure they delete top comments which are reflect badly for them.
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    • Mother Teresa - Dark truth
      • She loved suffering, believed that suffering will bring people closer to God
      • All donations went to Vatican bank (considered scnadalous)
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    • Pair bonding
      • Pair-bonding is a term coined in the 1940s that is frequently used in sociobiology and evolutionary biology circles. The term often implies either a lifelong socially monogamous relationship or a stage of mating interaction in socially monogamous species. It is sometimes used in reference to human relationships.
    • In inter-religion/caste marriages (when the community is not acceptable of the other religion/caste), its often okay if the male gets married to the women of another caste/religion but not okay if someone marries women of your caste/religion. Eg: Gadar, even Gadar 2.
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    • Vlogs
      • Show-off: Dekh mera paisa, dekh meri gaadi
      • Struggle
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    • I don’t support piracy or theft but I do support the non-profit platforms which support freedom. All other platforms (like spotify) dictates the rights to content basis their convenience (I understand its a business)
    • Killing Insecurity is everything - it gives you confidence to make self deprecating jokes, it gives you confidence to take criticism or joke, you hear about others, you dont keep babbling about yourself, you are free. if you are not insecure, who cares you speak true/correct, say whatever you want, you know who yo are.
    • Everyone leaves - that is the truth. Life is a cycle, you feel I will start, I will make friends, and then you feel rich about how many connections you have, and then they all leave
    • Influence
    • Shy
    • Hypocrites - Sugar ads
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    • Jayesh Chakravarthi - WintWealth Interview
      • 400x multiplier rule
        • if your expense per month is 1lakh, you need 1lakh * 400 = 4cr before you can retire
        • this assumes you have your own house/apartment, have medical insurance and saved money for big life events
      • health insurance - continuity is very important
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    • Sketchnoting
      • process of recording thoughts with the use of illustrations, symbols, structures, and texts
    • Efficient Interview
      • Ask Killer questions
      • Person of higher status has been asked the same question over and over again
        • Say, what do you like more Mumbai or Bangalore?
      • Dont go for low hanging fruits. Ask questions beyond the obvious ones.
      • Give a preamble before you ask a question. Tell a line or two about the specific or obscure element of their work
      • Ask questions which could generate more emotions
        • Passion is also emotion, though it has become a norm to ask about passion
        • Ask about highlights and lowlights of their job or any any particular event
        • Eg, what annoys you the most about social work?
      • Tease playfully
        • Dont answer every question in a serious manner
      • Comfortably express disagreement
    • Way to communicate
      • Starts almost every conversation in a fun positive way
      • Over-the-top teasing
      • Being playfully absurd
      • Create a safe environment for people to be flirty and sexual
      • Flirt with the world
      • Leaned back body language
      • Get comfortable with your worst-case scenario.
    • We often converse for information, not emotions. Even if emotions are involved, its ours, we are selfish.
      • “Haan btao”
      • If I ask you to converse to someone, you will ask about his credentials, or maybe what he/she does in his free time and further will try to connect or sell your own learnings.
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    • If you consider the PPP index then $1 ~= ₹25, means what you get in 1dollar in US will cost you 25rupees in India on an average
    • Human is victim of his aspirations
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    • Global South
      • Term for developing countries - mostly India, Indonesia, Brazil, China
  • 08/09/2023

    • Airfiber
      • Portable devices for internet connection (based on 5G network) by Airtel and Jio
    • Airtel Vs Jio, in a nutshell:
      • Airtel targets premium customers
      • Jio wants to include/add everyone onto their network
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    • Sam Bankman Fried - documentary
      • Founder FTX
      • Atruism and Scam
    • Exploits Vs Entertainment - Movie Reviews
    • SRK is pompous and narcisstic. Saying he has come here not for competition, come here to rule - this is fine. But saying “I am not nervous, my movies are going to be superhit” is clear narcissism.
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    • Eye Twitching Episodes
      • Dry eyes, stress, fatigue, eye strain, and certain medications can contribute to an episode.
      • Chlorine and other chemicals used to keep pool water clean can wash away the moist layer of tear film, leaving eyes uncomfortable and red. People who swim frequently may develop dry eye, where they don’t produce enough tears or the right quality of tears.
        • Wear a pair of swim goggles every time you swim. Goggles keep pool chemicals out of your eyes, helping to keep your tear film healthy.
        • Splash your closed eyes with fresh water immediately after swimming. This washes chlorine and other chemicals off your eyelids and eyelashes.
        • Use over-the-counter lubricating eye drops before and after swimming to keep the tear film balanced and eyes comfortable.
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    • Podcast with India’s top urologist and sexologist - Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta
      • Viagra drugs
        • Sildenafil -
          • This is the original Viagra
          • Stimulation
            • Doesnt work if your stomach is full or if you have drunk alcohol
            • It requires time - 2-2.5 hrs to kick in
          • Meant for older men - who are preplanning intercourse
          • Younger folks are taking it for confidence, not ED
          • Have after effects - headache, temporary color blindness
          • Take only for recreational purpose - 12.5mg, taking it regularly will have major bad effects
        • Tadalaphil -
          • Much safer than viagra
          • Kicks in much early, can be eaten with food
            • Still better to take 1.5hrs before the action, spend time in foreplay
          • Other variations for younger generation (weekend viagra - for 3-4 days)
      • Viagra does not mean erection, it helps but only if you have stimulation
      • Kegel exercise -
        • Good for improving erection quality
      • Masturbation is not a good habit
        • We are the only species where we watch another human being get intercourse and we ejaculate to that
        • Kamasutra talks about 52 senses (apart from positions - which is what Kamasutra have been reduced to)
        • No mention of masturbation in Kamasutra or any of our ancient texts
      • Penis Massage is good, its differnt from masturbation
      • Men are supposed to be polygamous
      • We are living in a stupid world - a woke world
      • Pressure of sex is on men
        • Women demand their orgasms from men (that is the expectation). Both parties indulge to have sex, having resp. orgasm is their own responsibility, they should be aware of how they are stimulated
        • Men feel they are going to be in a ring, going to be ranked and rated
      • Last long?
        • More foreplay
        • More you are erect more you last long
          • If you are having sex when you are 60% erect you are going to discharge faster
        • She is warm and wet - less friction - last longer
    • Why did the Soviet Union collapse
      • In a nutshell: To stop a period of political stalemate and economic backslide, Mikhail Gorbachev attempted to reform the Soviet political and economic system which backfired ending his regime and collapsing Soviet Union.
      • Resulted in its 15 constituent republics gaining full independence on 26 December 1991
      • Last Leader of Soviet Union - Mikhail Gorbachev
      • History
        • 1917–1927: Establishment
        • 1927–1953: Stalinism
        • 1953–1964: Khrushchev Thaw
        • 1964–1982: Era of Stagnation
        • 1982–1991: Decline and collapse
    • Somewhere on the Internet -
      It all starts with parents. Children who grow up in unreasonably strict environments grow up to fear teachers and see school and exams as punishments. They grow up to become timid, shy, reserved and scared teenagers. They continue the same attitude into adulthood and see their bosses as gods and do what they are told to do and never stand up for themselves. All these factors lead to failure in professional and personal lives of such individuals. I’m a prime example of this and the above is my own story. At 40, I am now becoming more assertive and am re-inventing myself in every aspect.
    • The Corporate Game
      • 1 Ensure visibility and credit
      • 2 Be in limelight
      • 3 Compete wherever possible
      • 4 Don’t be nice and simple, be deplomatic
      • 5 Be close to your manager
    • Everyone has equal time to spend. If someone is having a good time, you can too. Everyone, how rich or privileged, has same amount of time as you (assuming equal lifetime). You wasting any of that time on sulking or feeling sad/jealous is your loss of time - the other person is already having a good time, and you are deliberately losing (time).
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    • Reality of Indian Media
      • News Agencies - sell news to newspapers and tv channels
        • ANI - Asian News International
        • PTI - Press Trust of India
          • has its own satellite
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    • Oral Health Essentials
      • Brush twice a day - ideal
      • Mouthwash such as Listerine contains alcohol, you can use once in a while, using daily is harmful for teeth
      • Toothpaste contains flouride which helps in preventing tooth decay, you should let the flouride settle in your teeth for 10-15 min, so either brush your teeth for 10-15min or after brushing rinse your mouth with water after 10-15 min
        • Update: We don’t do brushing for 10-15min, ideally it is 2min
    • Expressway Vs Highway
      • Expressway are access controlled - vehicles can move in or out via interchanges only. Highway are not access controlled - many different roads get connected to the highway, disturbing the flow of traffic on the highway
      • Generally 2wheelers are not allowed on expressway (Mumbai Pune Expressway - not allowed)
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    • You undersand why people celebrate certain things, and you want to be part of that celebration
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    • TIL - While handshaking, scratching your middle finger in other persons palm means you are going tto have sex or want to have sex. This is used as a trick to ask for condoms when visiting pharma so you don’t have to say it in front of other customers.
    • Linked FDs
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    • WD-40 - Use this to remove rust or jammed object, Protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything
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    • Shiny Object Syndrome
      • a continual state of distraction brought on by an ongoing belief that there is something new worth pursuing
      • it often comes at the expense of what’s already planned or underway
  • 21/05/2023

    • recession to build wealth
      • nature of capitalism - if you found a niche you will attract competition
        • being first works only for a while
        • make yourself a brand - that can be trusted (of service/product/status value - can be anything)
      • index always wins
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    • - Indian streaming platform for gamers
  • 12/05/2023

    • Inspiring story of Vande Bharat - Sudhanshu Mani
      • Modern train set - permanent set of coaches coupled together
      • Many advantages over traditional Indian railway coaches
      • Made many improvements in ICF - Chennai: negative carbon emission, arts all over the factory
      • Love your human resource, every other quality comes later
      • somebody will kill your vanity somebody, its better you kill it today
  • 11/05/2023

    • Google IO 2023
      • Pixel tablet, Pixel foldable phone
      • Use of AI in GMail, Photos, Sheet, Docs
      • RCS - Rich Communication Service - to replace SMS, MMS
      • AI generated wallpapers, cinematic wallpapers
    • We crave the same high, we dig up the work of the actor/director who gave us the high, we chase that feeling. We are never in present.
  • 10/05/2023

    • Manipuri ongoing conflict
      • Conflict b/w Kuki Tribe and Meiteis
      • History of Manipur
        • 1949 - Maharaja Bodhchandra merged the kingdom into the Union of India (believed to have signed the merger agreement under duress).
        • 1956 - Becomes a Union Territory (governed by centre)
        • 1972 - Becomes a state
    • Motul 10W40 - for bike
      • Motor oils have aWx grade. W stands for winter that means the value of a will be the viscosity of your engine oil at the moment your bike starts from a standstill. Whereas, once your engine gets heated up, the oil changes its viscosity to the x grade. The higher the grade the more viscous oil will be.
      • Eg: For 10W40 oil, when your engine is cool it will have a 10 grade viscosity. Once your engine is hot, the oil will become thicker (40 grade in viscosity)
      • 5100 - semi synthetic, 7100 - fully synthetic
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    • Wallace Line - Geography
      • There’s an ancient boundary in South-East Asia that doesn’t separate countries or continents…but animal species.
      • Called the Wallace Line, it’s an invisible divider that runs through Indonesia and separates Asian fauna such as rhinos, elephants, tigers and woodpeckers from Australian species like Komodo dragons, cockatoos, and honeyeaters.
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    • So many vloggers on youtube
      • Selling escapism
      • Most Indians see youtuber as an earning platform not a creative platform
        • Most consumers are fans/followers, they consume anything (a senseless talk about how they didn’t get the grocery, really?)
          • Are creators mediocre because consumers consume mediocre content, or they have run of ideas, or less hard work?
        • Rule of thumb: what are you watching for, for the creator or for the content? Watch for the content.
          • Youtuber rating system: Change youtuber rating basis their last video’s performance (likes/dislikes ratio, views etc.)
        • Youtube content is not free, you are paying it with your time
      • Latest fad: See my new BMW, my new Gucci shoes, etc. with subtitle - mehnat ki kamai
    • Echo Chamber
    • Obsidina git sync, mobile
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    • Hookup Culture and Modern Feminism
    • Sadhguru - fake spiritual guru
    • Sadhguru on Ram and Sita
      • He asks what kind of man do you want in your life? The man walked all the way, fought a battle, burned down a city to get back his wife
        • Yes, he fought, waged a battle, but I don’t think it was purely for his wife, it was for himself too, for his pride. Raavan kidnapped Sita to hurt Ram, women in those ages (even today) were a prized possession.
        • He put his duty towards his people before his duty towards his wife. If the counterargument is - he fought a battle to save his wife, so no ^
        • That was the norm back then - a very cruel patriarchy society. He did best out of these norms. You judge by the norms of the society, say we lived in a world where you are praised for how many people you kill, a peaceful person would be a very bad example in the society. Society wants examples of characteristics they want to inculcate and history remembers people who are great examples.
          • Currently our society is divided into extreme patriarchs (disguised under the name of religion) and extreme feminists.
    • Kevin spoke with his early users as to what they like about burbn, why do they use it, they said its because of photo sharing. He built filters because his user told his photos are not that great. - Story of Instagram
    • Reacting on Random videos - feminism
      • World works on capitalism and not on values like equality - hence there is no equal pay. What brings in more money gets more money, eg: female models get higher paychecks than their male counterparts because fashion industry is more female oriented
      • If you are conservative and traditional than most, and you have standards for your man, what is it that you have to offer? just yourself? isnt that being entitlement?
      • Most guys are invisible to most woman, guys are socially weird because they dont get female attention. Guys dont get laid that often and hence they chase it more.
    • Bahaban Reaction on Sidemen tinder in real life - dirty pickup lines
    • Unsplash - professional photos
  • 06/04/2023

    • Desexualisation of asian men in hollywood
      • Asian men are sexual predators,
      • Asian women are saved by white men from their own damnation, resulting in a category on porn websites
      • Asian men are often nerds (no sex appeal) or caricatures or sexually unattractive
      • To be sexy - be Bruce Lee - do action
    • Crypto - a scam
      • Visual storytelling spectacle, insanely good production and quality
      • Bitcoin was meant to replace as a digital currency, but everyone purchases it as an investment. If you know that tomorrow the price will be higher than today, why will you sell? So it can never achieve its initial goal
      • It’s a pyramid scam - the initial investors can only make money if more people are brought into the ecosystem which will result in increasing the price
      • Everybody uses con
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    • African Safaris - Trophy Hunting helps in animal conservation
    • Weapon - Rods of God
      • Weapon Idea
        • Orbit Earth - Pointed cyclinder to drop on a particular location
        • No TNT/Nuclear, Use Kinetic energy to cause damage
        • Use Tungsten metal for its high density and high melting point
      • Has many flaws for using this, so it was never implemented
    • Cycle Agarbatti Business Case Study
      • Solved two problems - fragrance and continuous burning
      • Launched in 1948 in Mysore
      • Interesting ‘Initial Sales’ - Lighted up agarbatti outside stores, the customers were attracted towards the fragrance and wanted to purchase
      • 2nd generation came up with the idea of 3in1 agarbatti because people got bored out of same fragrance and therefore sales were irregular
    • Advice for young by Jordan Peterson
      • Find something to serve: Take on some responsibility, do something for other people
      • Strive for competency: Everyone, who’s competent, is desperate for competent people
      • Something that bugs your: Start with small, fix your bed, what bugs you in your room? Fix that
  • 21/01/2023

    • Supriya Sule (NCP leader) interview - Samdish
      • ‘Power is not about control. Power is not a sense of entitlement, it’s a tool to serve’
      • Samdish talks about Osho and Wild Wild West
        • Wild Wild West was a documentary with criminal take on mroe complex person (thriller types), Osho’s spirituality philosophies and thoughts are never talked about. A very American take on the subject.
        • Why didn’t I think about this? How to develop this critical judgement?
    • Continental food
      • Refers to dishes made and consumed in the European countries
      • Dishes of French, Spanish and Italian cuisine
      • Key specialty is concentration is more on ingredients like olive oil, wine, herbs and minimal spices
  • 01/01/2023

    • Speculation is necessary
      • Speculation is a good servant but a bad master. It cannot be eliminated but can be checked.
      • Bubble triangle
        • Based on fire triangle: “Given sufficient levels of these three components, a fire can be started by a simple spark. Once the fire has begun, it can then be extinguished by the removal of any one of the components.”
        • Three components: Marketability (the oxygen), Money & credit (the fuel), Speculation (the heat)
        • Spark: technological innovation and government policy
      • From Indian context, new age trade platforms and pandemic initiated the speculation
    • summary of financial reflection of 2022
      • “Panics do not destroy capital. They merely reveal the extent to which it has been previously destroyed by its betrayal into hopelessly unproductive works” - John Mills